Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) Assessments

MAP assessments will begin at MLMS on Tuesday, September 6.


The Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) assessments will be replacing the AIMSweb assessments for Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) purposes this fall at all ASD comprehensive middle schools.

MAP is an online assessment tool used for instructional purposes. MAP is an adaptive assessment that provides each student a personalized testing experience with data that speaks tot heir individual progress and growth in mathematics and reading. Practice tests and accomodations are available. MAP is an interim assessment and will be administered three times per year during the ASD Universal screening windows: fall, winter and spring. 


6th grade -- Tuesday, September 6  READING
                  Tuesday, September 13 MATH

7th grade -- Wednesday, September 7  READING
                  Wednesday, September 14  MATH

8th Grade -- TEAM F  Thursday, September 8  READING
                               Thursday, September 15  MATH

                  TEAM E   Friday, September 9  READING
                                Friday, September 16  MATH