Climate and Connectedness Survey

Required Notice to Parents...


2016 Climate and Connectedness Student Survey – Grades 3 - 12 only


The 2016 Climate and Connectedness Student Survey is being administered to provide schools with information about perceptions and experiences related to school climate and student connectedness for use in setting school goals and resources.  This is an annual survey implemented and analyzed by the ASD Assessment and Evaluation department with assistance of the American Institutes of Research. The survey will be taken February 8 - February 26, 2016.


This survey does not require parental permission and is administered to students in grades 3 - 12. If parents would like to request that their student does not complete this survey, please contact your student’s school. This message serves as a notice to parents about this upcoming survey.


Please follow or type this link to review a copy of the survey:


(The PDFs are for viewing purposes only; the actual survey will be distributed online within the schools)