About Us

The farthest north of all Anchorage School District schools, Mirror Lake Middle has been called “The Jewel in the Woods.” A beautiful facility with a panoramic view of trees and mountains, the school is banked by windows on all sides, giving students and staff a natural setting and year-round natural lighting. 


Students are assigned to teams of teachers for their core subjects housed in one of three pods:  Alder, Willow, or Spruce. Other pods house elective and physical education facilities. Special programs within the school include Spanish immersion, a program for the gifted, and special education. Clubs, sports, team-building and a variety of other activities make MLMS a great place for students to grow and develop as young adolescents. We are a learning community that believes educating students is the responsibility of the home, school and community. Teachers are committed to the process of education and to helping students find their own path of learning. The guiding principles of the school are based on the tenet that students are diverse, dynamic and changing. Teachers use different teaching styles to meet individual needs.


Each student brings a unique contribution to the school and the responsibility to make it a better place.